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About Us

Pixc Retouch is a professional photo retouching services provider for eCommerce and Photography Businesses. We started our journey in January 2018. At first, we opened our post-production house in our Division Dhaka Bangladesh for your e-commerce site and Photography Business. We realized that for e-commerce businesses, post-production plays an important role, and it’s a hugely time-consuming and costly task.

We realize that every E-commerce business faces the same problem, so our team thought if we could bring a solution for all E-commerce and photographers by giving them cheap image editing services to grow their business at a low cost, it would be good for them.

Of this thought, we established a new post-production house in Panchagarh, Dhaka Bangladesh on May 20, 2019, with the name of Pixc Retouch. We started our post-production team with only 8 people

Now we have more than 65+ retouchers who work 3 different shifts 24 hours a day. In 2023 we provided our service with 10 E-Commerce sites and 20+ Photographers, and they all became so satisfied and our business started to grow so quickly.


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