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Model Masking Sample

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Product Masking Sample

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Image Masking Service

Pixc Retouch provides a professional Image Masking photo editing service. We offer a wide range of services, from basic Image Masking color correction and cropping to advanced retouching and background removal service. Our team of experts will work diligently to ensure that your photos look their best.

♦ What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a sophisticated image editing technique used to isolate intricate or fine details from their background with pixel-level precision. Unlike basic background removal tools, image masking allows for the selective extraction of objects with soft edges, fur, hair, or translucent elements like smoke or glass. It is particularly useful when dealing with complex subjects that cannot be easily separated using traditional selection methods.

The Significance of Image Masking Service

  1. Preservation of Details: Image masking preserves the finest details of the subject being isolated. This level of precision ensures that even the most intricate aspects of an object, like individual strands of hair or subtle gradients, remain intact.

  2. Complex Subjects: Image masking is indispensable when working with complex subjects such as models with flowing hair, intricate jewelry, or products with transparent or semi-transparent elements like glassware or fabrics.

  3. Natural Transitions: One of the key advantages of image masking is its ability to create smooth and natural transitions between the subject and its background. This makes the isolated object seamlessly blend into any new setting or design.

  4. Creative Freedom: With image masking, designers have the freedom to place the isolated subject on any background of their choice. This flexibility allows for the creation of captivating and dynamic compositions.

  5. Enhanced Realism: Image masking service is widely used in the fashion and advertising industries to enhance the realism of product and model images. The results are visually stunning, conveying a sense of authenticity that resonates with viewers.

Types of Image Masking Techniques


  1. Layer Masking: Layer masking is commonly used for non-destructive editing in software like Adobe Photoshop. It involves creating a mask on a layer, allowing designers to selectively reveal or hide parts of the image without permanently altering it.

  2. Alpha Channel Masking: Alpha channel masking is ideal for isolating objects with soft edges, like smoke or feathers. It involves creating a grayscale mask based on the subject’s transparency values.

  3. Complex Hair Masking: This specialized technique is used to isolate subjects with intricate or flowing hair, ensuring that every strand is preserved and detailed.

  4. Translucent Object Masking: When working with transparent or semi-transparent objects, such as glass products, translucent object masking is used to maintain the object’s translucency and highlights.


Headshot Retouch-Pixc Retouch


at USD 3.00 per image

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at USD 1.5.00 per image

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at USD 1.00 per image



at USD 1.30.00 per image

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at USD 1.20 per image

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at USD 1.50 per image

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Start From USD 0.50 per image

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Start From USD 2.00 per image

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at USD 3.00 per image


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