Here at Pixc Retouch, we understand how valuable apparel photographs are for an online clothing shop. This is why we see to it that we have a team who specializes in clothing photo editing services.

Clothing Photo Editing Services

Welcome to the world of Clothing Photo Editing Services, where every stitch, every detail, and every hue is meticulously perfected to create captivating fashion imagery. Our services cover a spectrum of fashion categories, from Women’s Apparel to Men’s Apparel, Undergarments, Handbags, Backpacks, Hats, and Caps, ensuring that your products shine in the digital spotlight. Imagine your clothing line showcased with impeccable colors, flawless textures, and stunning clarity. That’s the power of clothing photo editing. Whether you’re a fashion brand striving for elegance or an e-commerce platform aiming for impeccable product representation, we’ve got you covered. From color correction to wrinkle removal, we’ll guide you through the steps that make your clothing and accessories truly stand out in the digital marketplace. Get ready to transform your fashion imagery and elevate your brand to new heights.

Women’s Apparel

To ensure the proper restoration of a woman’s clothing, it is crucial to dedicate ample effort, as every intricate detail must be preserved. To enhance the design and highlight intricate details, it is recommended to utilize advanced picture blocking techniques. There is a wide variety of dresses available for editing, ranging from simple shift dresses to elaborate wedding and ball gowns.

Therefore, it is crucial to have an editor with exceptional skills handle the task. Our clothing picture editor applies certain modifications to enhance the presentation of women’s clothing photos.

  • Wrinkle and Imperfection Erasure:
  • Masking and Clipping Paths:
  • Transparency or Pristine White Backgrounds:
  • Skin Refinement:
  • Color Harmony and Shadow Removal:

Men’s Apparel

In comparison to women’s clothing, men’s clothing often features a more minimalist design with fewer intricate elements. In the realm of clothing photo editing, the primary objective of the photo designer is to ensure the clothes are portrayed with utmost precision. When capturing images of suits, dress pants, and shirts, it is important to ensure a clean and wrinkle-free appearance.

  • Background Enhancement: We refine and improve the background to create a more appealing setting for your product.
  • Wrinkle and Fold Removal: We meticulously eliminate wrinkles and folds from your clothing items, ensuring a smooth and polished appearance.
  • Precision Cropping: We expertly crop photos to focus on the essential details, providing a clear and engaging view of your products.
  • Model Retouching: When models are involved, we enhance their appearance, ensuring they complement your products while looking their best.
  • Image Masking and Clipping Path: We employ fundamental image masking and clipping techniques to precisely isolate your subjects, making them easily adaptable to different backgrounds and layouts.


When it comes to personal garments such as bras, underwear, and lingerie, it is advisable to ensure they are maintained in a clean and presentable condition. In addition to ensuring a polished appearance, the picture designer for clothes must exercise caution when selecting backgrounds or incorporating decorations.

  • Wrinkle, Stain, and Fold Eradication: We meticulously remove wrinkles, stains, and unsightly folds from your garments, leaving them flawlessly presented.
  • Image Masking and Clipping Paths: Through advanced techniques like image masking and clipping paths, we accurately isolate subjects for versatile usage.
  • Professional Color Correction: our experts ensure that colors are true and vibrant, correcting any discrepancies to make your images visually appealing.
  • Image Cropping and Resizing: We expertly crop and resize images, framing them perfectly to showcase your products effectively.
  • Change or Removal: We skillfully alter or remove backgrounds to create the desired visual context for your products, enhancing their overall presentation.



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Our Service Reviews

(5/5) 11/07/2023

I am more than satisfied with the revisions. Excellent work!! Bravo and thank you!

(5/5)  03/07/2023

Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly and for the quality of this meaningful photo.

(5/5)  06/05/2023

You performed a miracle!!!! It looks natural but not straight from hospital anymore! If you like, you can work on my other photos from that day as well. I am sooo thankful.

(4.8/5) 23/02/2023
I was thrilled with the results! I sent three of the worst photos I’ve ever shot and your edits were amazing! I wish I would have thought of your services before I wasted a weekend trying to fix the images myself. Next time a photo needs Photoshop edits, sending them right to you! Thanks so much!
(4.5/5) 08/01/2023

Turnaround was surprisingly fast. The results are amazing. Fully satisfied with image retouching services

(4/5)  17/10/2022

We are very pleased with the retouching work on the photos. Thank you